The quality of the wire band and the associated customer satisfaction is the top priority for BoWiTec.

Our own production in Germany also offers individual solutions beyond a high quality standard and shortest delivery times. "Made in Germany" thus affects not only the product quality of the wire band, but also the customer care and the quality of the services.

BoWiTec wire band are produced according to the specifications of ISO quality management and fulfill the highest quality standards. Fasteners obtained from BoWiTec wire band can meet all relevant standards as well as Eurocode 5 and ETA-16/0101. In order to fulfill the requirements for certification according to Eurocode 5 or other European norms, a modern test center is ready. In addition, the entire quality can be continuously checked and granted.

The proven quality and guarantee of all standards is due to the forward-looking workings of our employees and the innovative strength of our engineers.

Further targets are found in the conservation and careful handling of natural resources. The protection and preservation of an intact environment is one of the key objectives of our company. We take this into account in our products as well as in production.



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