PREBENA Wilfried Bornemann GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leaders in the fastening industry and parent enterprise of company BoWitec.

Extensive product range
With a large product diversity PREBENA is capable of serving widely varied specialist trade sectors and branches of the economy, from major industries through professional craft enterprises to hobby do-it-yourselfers. The product range of PREBENA is perfectly matched. It includes:

• Pneumatic nailing guns
• Pneumatic air cylinder nailing guns
• Staplers
• Compressors
• Electric Screwdrivers
• More than 3500 different collated fasteners from 3-160 mm length: Staples, brads, pins, nails, screws

Quality warranty
Through experience of over 50 years, the company´s highest quality and efficiency of products and excellent service are guaranteed. To ensure this high level, PREBENA attaches importance to strong and long-term relationships with its partners worldwide. ISO quality management and production of PREBENA fasteners according to the Eurocode 5 and ETA-16/0101 is precondition in all companies and our standard.

More detailed information is available here.

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